Thank God for his wonderful leadership that brought them to the United States. Through God’s wonderful grace, they are able to hear the good news in their old ages.
In addition to our Sunday worship and Bible study classes, our church prayer meeting is in Wednesday evening. Our home cell meeting is in Friday evening. Once a month, usually it’s the last Saturday of the month we have a fellowship for building up the relationship of wife and husband.

Our church has adopted a senior apartment, Penelope Senior Apartment, which is about 15 minutes from our church. We have a Bible study class there every Tuesday from 4 to 5 pm. We provided an English class before, but the class was temporarily suspended because of the shortage of the instructor. We are praying for an English teacher for the senior apartment. In addition to our regular classes, we celebrate with them in some Chinese and American holidays. This Saturday, September 10, we will go there to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with them. In addition to singing and dancing programs, we will provide them with a dinner and some gifts to be drawn. Thank God, at least eight seniors attend our Sunday’s activities because of this missions.